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Our Clients

Some of our clients are pro-active individuals looking far ahead to retirement. Others, for whatever reason, have fallen behind in terms of saving for the future. Both come to us because they feel they could be doing more to prepare and save.

Our clients are looking for unbiased guidance and transparent dealings. They count on the fact that we have their best interests at heart for all of our recommendations.


Small Business Owners
We understand (from our own experience) just how busy your life can be juggling all the responsibilities of business and family. Business owners come to us because they need to save for the future (often tied to reducing their tax liability), while seeking guidance on how to grow, wind-down, sell, or exit their business. As an entrepreneur, your personal and business finances are inextricably intertwined, and it is our role to be your guide. Aikapa continues to guide small business owners over these complex waters, helping them to meet near and long-term goals (both personal and business), while reducing some of the inevitable stress and anxiety that comes from having a lot on one's plate.

Families on the go, Future Retirees
The full spectrum—whether you are thinking to buy a home, change jobs, save for your kids education or prepare for retirement it always pays to start with a well thought out financial plan. Once you've got a good plan together and created an implementation and maintenance schedule, managing your wealth falls naturally into place. Some of our clients look to us for guidance, others prefer that we completely drive their vision. Either way, your detailed financial plan is your essential roadmap, helping you to stay on track of your dreams.

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