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Our Solutions

We begin our advisory engagements with a financial plan because we want to understand our clients' world before we provide our recommendations.

A comprehensive financial plan is by far the best way to build a solid starting place for your financial decisions.



  • Lifestyle and Business Goals

  • Risk Tolerance Evaluation

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Home Purchase Planning

  • Commercial Real Estate Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Retirement Plans and Transitioning

  • Investment Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Stock Option Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Philanthropic Goals

  • Employer Benefits Planning


  • Personal and Business Goals

  • Risk Profile Analysis

  • Time Horizon Determination

  • Tax Advantaged Savings Analysis

  • Tax Harvesting and Cost Basis Planning

  • Account Type Diversification

  • Portfolio Diversification

  • Portfolio Asset Allocation


Financial Planning

Managing Life's Opportunities and Challenges

Whatever your personal circumstances, your individualized financial plan will help you sort through and manage each opportunity or hurdle as they arise.


Our Process ─ a brief overview

  1. Establish and define our relationship.

  2. Gather pertinent data.

  3. Analyze and evaluate your financial status and risk tolerance.

  4. Develop and present our planning recommendations.

  5. A written financial plan with clear recommendations.

  6. Implement the financial planning recommendations. You can either implement and manage the "financial roadmap" yourself (with specific limited guidance) or we do it all for you.

  7. Ongoing financial education and support.

  8. An annual review and update.

Special Focus on Small Business

We understand small business owners are often too busy running their day-to-day operations to focus on retirement planning and saving, so we've developed solutions that are specific for small business owners. Our goal is to maximize their tax-advantaged opportunities, prepare for contingencies, retirement and other goals.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, or conversely, to smoothly wind down, sell or exit your business in anticipation of retirement, Aikapa can help.


Wealth Management

Our clients count on the fact that we have their best interests at heart. So, we can't reiterate this enough—a comprehensive financial plan is by far the best way to ensure we fully understand your financial world before we provide you with with financial recommendations.

Once you have a financial plan in place, you can either implement and manage your portfolio with specific (limited) guidance from us, or you can let us fully drive the process, allowing you the time to focus on your passion.

Investment Philosophy

The underpinning philosophy of Aikapa's investment management approach is that of a well-diversified global portfolio held over the long-term. We create a portfolio that fits with our clients' risk profile, seeking out value when prices are relatively low and rebalancing accordingly. Since we have no special affiliations, we use low-cost and high quality securities to create your portfolio.

10 Steps to
Pursuing a Better Investment Experience

(PowerPoint pdf)


How we work with clients

Two Plans to Choose From

  1. The Aikapa Guided Plan is geared specifically to those who want to actively implement and drive their financial plan with minimal guidance.

  2. The Aikapa Managed Plan is driven and implemented by a Certified Financial Planner™ with your participation.

How our fees are calculated

Our financial planning fee is based on the type of plan that you require. Your plans can be as simple or complex as your needs demand. We will discuss your goals and expectations and build a plan that will establish a path to reaching those goals. We will always clearly agree and fix the fee in advance.

Our fixed fee structure, agreed upon at the first meeting, is based on an hourly rate. Fifty percent of the fee is payable in advance, before the financial planning process is started. The remaining fifty percent is payable at the end of the engagement.

Our managed fee structure uses a sliding scale based on the assets we directly manage. The fee includes investment management and financial planning, unless otherwise agreed.




Wealth Planning & Management

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